Fatigue can hit at any age, and most people think it’s a normal part of ageing. Many factors can contribute to feeling excessively tired: poor diet, overwork, weak digestion.  These can all diminish your ability to perform at your best.  The reasons for your fatigue will be explored at your initial consultation.  Not everyone has enough sleep or good quality sleep.  Others may be eating food that makes them tired.  Stress, overwork and overwhelm can wear people down over the long-term.

Acupuncture theory is based on how energy flows throughout the body.  The Chinese called this Qi, pronounced Chee. This is felt at the wrist at a few different positions on both sides. This Qi energy is accessed just below the surface of the skin and according to Acupuncture theory, flows to each organ. Therefore, various points can be stimulated on the surface of the body with a fine needle to increase and improve the overall function of the body including level of energy.

With over 27 years of clinical experience, I am still fascinated by the power of this system of medicine and it’s ability to change mental, emotional and physical symptoms. It’s incredibly rewarding to make such a tangible difference in people’s lives. Contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about whether this treatment is right for you.