How it Works

Five Element acupuncture is an ancient and holistic system of medicine that has been practised for thousands of years. It considers pain and illness, whether physical or mental, are a sign that the body is out of balance. We consider physical health and mental health to be interconnected and recognise the role emotions play in illness and disease. The overall aim of treatment is to restore the body’s equilibrium by addressing the cause of your symptoms, which will be different for every individual. Because every patient is unique, two people with the same western diagnosis will each receive different acupuncture treatments.

The underlying principle is that illness and pain occur when the body’s Qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. The body’s energy meridians can become obstructed, in much the same way as a trapped nerve or blocked artery. This can be for any number of reasons such as emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, infection, or injury. By inserting ultra-fine, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, the aim is to re-establish the free flow of Qi to restore balance and trigger the body’s natural healing response.

With over 27 years of clinical experience, I am still fascinated by the power of this system of medicine and it’s ability to change mental, emotional and physical symptoms. It’s incredibly rewarding to make such a tangible difference in people’s lives. Contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about whether this treatment is right for you.