Fertility, IVF & Pregnancy

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is used to help balance hormones and reduce stress. Stress can contribute to hormonal imbalances and therefore potentially affect fertility. Acupuncture improves the overall function of the body so couples enjoy using it as part of their natural fertility plan.

If you’re going through IVF, Acupuncture is used to naturally help balance emotions and the stress of going through IVF. Points are used to help stimulate and energise the body in a variety of ways.

Once pregnant, keeping immunity strong is important to avoid using antibiotics. Symptoms can be addressed as they arise such as morning sickness, fatigue, concentration, and back pain.

In preparation for a natural birth, I like to energise the body and to work on any niggling symptoms so the woman feels relaxed and happy.

If your baby is too comfy in there, and medical induction becomes imminent, I use a combination Classical Five-Element Acupuncture and classic induction points for my best results.