How Acupuncture assists weight loss

I’m often asked if Acupuncture can help one lose weight. At 23, I discovered Five Element Acupuncture after struggling as a teenager with my own weight issue.  I had been an emotional eater, which progressed to binge eating, which left me obese at times during my teens, and early 20s.  My weight would cycle up and down in an effort to diet, impacting my self-esteem.

Treatment initially lifted my flagging spirit, and balanced the emotions driving my overeating.  With regular treatment, I felt happier, healthier, and naturally started to seek out healthier food.

Five Element Acupuncture has a unique spin how it sees the individuals physical, mental and emotional make up.  There are treatments that are able to lift your spirit, helping you feel more alive and uplifted, which helps when you’re not feeling good about yourself.  It is able to address underlying causes of weight gain, and why you’re finding it difficult to take control:  emotional eating, fatigue, slow digestion, hormonal issues, poor diet and food cravings.

Emotional eating

Five Element theory says we all have an emotional nature that is with us for life.  The more out of balance we become inside, the more out of our control our emotions will be.  Treatment is able to balance you emotionally, putting you back in control of sadness, worry, frustration, and anxiety, that might be driving poor food choices or overeating.

Fatigue and lack of motivation

Exercise is an essential part of any healthy weight loss plan.  If you’re too tired, or overwhelmed, it can be hard to prioritise.  Excess weight itself can make you feel lethargic.  Five element acupuncture is able to increase your level of energy and destress you before you lose any weight, making it easier to incorporate exercise as part of your routine.

Poor diet and food cravings

Our modern environment and lifestyle set us up for unhealthy food choices.  It’s when our diet is poor habitually, over time, weight can increase little by little.  My experience, and the experience of my clients, is that when they become healthier on the inside with treatment, they naturally start making healthier choices on the outside.  Treatment is detoxifying so once you feel better, you notice how bad unhealthy choices are making you feel, so it’s easier to make changes.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal issues such as volatile blood sugar, low thyroid, and adrenal fatigue all impact the body’s tendency to store fat.  Treatment balances hormones, and decreases stress levels to improve hormonal function, which in turn will improve your blood sugar and appetite.

Slow digestion

Sluggish digestion can cause bloating, impacting how you look and feel.  Treatment improves the digestive tract from top to bottom, enabling your body to maximise the nutrients you receive from the food.  Proper digestion will also keep any abdominal bloating to a minimum.

As nice as it would be to put a few needles in, and let the fat drain away, the reality is a few things need to change.  Five Element Acupuncture is able to support you in your weight loss journey by addressing reasons you haven’t been able to do it on your own.